Sucking Off A Grizzly

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June 21, 2011, 3:45 pm
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Mathieu Amalric

javier bardemIsaach de Bankoléalex descas More wonderful men, three french speakers and a spainiard. clockwise from left: Mathieu Amalric (1965-), Javier Bardem (1969-), Isaach De Bankolé (1957-) and Alex Descas (1958-).

Amalric’s films: My Sex Life…or How I Got Into an Argument (1997),Alice and Martin (1998), A Man, a Real One (2003), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007).

Bardem’s Films: Jamon, Jamon (1992), Before Night Falls (2000), The Sea Inside (2004), No Country For Old Men (2007).

Bankolé’s Films: Night On Earth (1991), Casa De Lava (1995), Coffee and Cigarettes (2003), The Limits of Control (2009).

Descas’ Films: S’en Fout la Mort (1990), Die Abwesenheit (1992), Late August, Early September (1999), La Beuze (2003).


I’m pretty sure that all the french men appear in films together, which makes it even more amazing! Plus, when they’re on dvd, you can watch them over and over again, sipping your gin and tonic whilst in your silk dressing gown.

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December 31, 2008, 12:00 pm
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“I for one am petrified of the bear-wolf, because it seems like such an apt name for a horrible band. I mean, how many more bear-wolf band names can we possibly be expected to endure? Enough is enough! Grizzly Bear sucks. Minus The Bear sucks. Panda Bear sucks. Bear vs. Shark sucks. AIDS Wolf might be the stupidest band name ever. Wolfmother sucks. Wolf Parade sucks. Sea Wolf sucks. Guitar Wolf sucks. Now we’re gonna get this stupid Bear-Wolf band and they’re going to suck harder than all those other nonsense acts combined.”

It’s funny that this guy most likely doesn’t know the implications of what he is saying when he uses the words ‘suck’ ‘grizzly’ and ‘bear’ in the one sentence. Oh, and he’s talking about this.

James McAvoy (WARNING: May contain spoilers!) by makemeapizza
September 27, 2008, 3:18 pm
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James McAvoy is amazing. Such a fantastic actor, and he’s damn fine too.

Such an adorable creature, he is.

Beautiful eyes…

James McAvoy in 'Becoming Jane'.
James McAvoy in Becoming Jane.

I am yet to see a few of the films he is in.

Whenever I watch Becoming Jane I have to stop half way through, because the ending upsets me.

I do admire Jane Austen because of her independence, but at the same time I’m wishing, like her characters, she too had a happy ending with Tom Lefroy.

Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.
Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.

Such a beautiful film, but quite upsetting. I recommend you see it.

The way they made the film was quite clever, I think.

James McAvoy in Wanted.
James McAvoy in Wanted.

Okay, pretty sure all he does in this film is shoot guns (I haven’t yet seen the film, but I plan to). Well from all the movie stills, and the trailer I gather that’s all he actually does.

But come on, the gun just adds to his sex appeal, right? Well I think so anyway.

And! I’m pretty sure you get to see him shirtless, and he bulked up a little bit for the film. Which means, he’s got a little bit of muscle!

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

I have only seen little bits of this television show on youtube and what not.

But Louise said I could borrow the first two Series of it from her.

I’m hoping she’ll bring it over tomorrow night.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

Naw. Such an adorable couple… yet I can’t help feeling jealous.



Attractive, is he not? Mmm. Well, I hope I’ve convinced you all of how wonderful he is.
Love the hair in that photo.

I’d show you a picture of him playing Mr. Tumnus… But I’m guessing that’d put you right off him.

– Make Me A Pizza –

This looks kind of good…. by cornrowsplease
September 24, 2008, 8:35 pm
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The team behind lip magazine invites you to:

Sweet 16 on Halloween

to celebrate the launch of our 16th issue

Date: Friday 24 October
Time: 8-11pm
Location: The Front Gallery & Café
Entry: $6 and you get a ticket into our raffle prize!

There will be live bands, artist’s exhibition,
a film instillation and
prizes for the best Halloween costume!

Come along and bring your friends
for a night filled with fun and creepy costumes.

This is an all-ages event.

Why didn’t they just show us this at SHLiRP? by deletegmailcom
September 23, 2008, 11:17 pm
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Maybe, it’s just me, but doesn’t this seem a little raunchy for a music video?

I still like it though… The video that is… I like New Order but ironically I like old New Order better than new New Order.

New Order – Krafty

Morgasm: The Kooks by Caitlin
September 16, 2008, 1:18 pm
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Right, I’ve just invented a new type of post. It’s called a Morgasm – a musical orgasm, in other words. You know when you hear a song, and it’s just so goddamn good, so so so so good, and you have to share it. And listen to it repetitively. And talk about it all the time? Yeah, that’s a Morgasm.

Mmmm. Kooks.

Mmmm. Kooks.

Anyway, onto the post. I found this while I was looking for stuff from The Kooks second album, Konk, which I’m too cheap to go out and buy and too lazy to download. And I was all, “Oooh, Coldplay+Kooks=YAY?”

And yeah, my maths was right. Coldplay + Kooks = YAY times 1000000. Totally.

Violet Hill (Coldplay cover) – The Kooks