Sucking Off A Grizzly

James McAvoy (WARNING: May contain spoilers!) by makemeapizza
September 27, 2008, 3:18 pm
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James McAvoy is amazing. Such a fantastic actor, and he’s damn fine too.

Such an adorable creature, he is.

Beautiful eyes…

James McAvoy in 'Becoming Jane'.
James McAvoy in Becoming Jane.

I am yet to see a few of the films he is in.

Whenever I watch Becoming Jane I have to stop half way through, because the ending upsets me.

I do admire Jane Austen because of her independence, but at the same time I’m wishing, like her characters, she too had a happy ending with Tom Lefroy.

Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.
Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.

Such a beautiful film, but quite upsetting. I recommend you see it.

The way they made the film was quite clever, I think.

James McAvoy in Wanted.
James McAvoy in Wanted.

Okay, pretty sure all he does in this film is shoot guns (I haven’t yet seen the film, but I plan to). Well from all the movie stills, and the trailer I gather that’s all he actually does.

But come on, the gun just adds to his sex appeal, right? Well I think so anyway.

And! I’m pretty sure you get to see him shirtless, and he bulked up a little bit for the film. Which means, he’s got a little bit of muscle!

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

I have only seen little bits of this television show on youtube and what not.

But Louise said I could borrow the first two Series of it from her.

I’m hoping she’ll bring it over tomorrow night.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

Naw. Such an adorable couple… yet I can’t help feeling jealous.



Attractive, is he not? Mmm. Well, I hope I’ve convinced you all of how wonderful he is.
Love the hair in that photo.

I’d show you a picture of him playing Mr. Tumnus… But I’m guessing that’d put you right off him.

– Make Me A Pizza –


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BUT I LOVED HIM AS MR. TUMNUS! Man, that was one good looking fawn.

Comment by Caitlin

Ah, I loved him in Shameless. He was adorable and charming, but awkward at the same time.
Louise has the second series?? Oooh! You can’t get that here.

Comment by ohwowtotally

Oh and you see him shirtless/pantless in Shameless. A lot.

Comment by ohwowtotally

He was a good looking fawn.. But he was also a pedo.
Shirtless!? Pantsless!? Hell Yes!
Louise probably got it from England.

Comment by makemeapizza

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