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beaux hommes! by deletegmailcom

Mathieu Amalric

javier bardemIsaach de Bankoléalex descas More wonderful men, three french speakers and a spainiard. clockwise from left: Mathieu Amalric (1965-), Javier Bardem (1969-), Isaach De Bankolé (1957-) and Alex Descas (1958-).

Amalric’s films: My Sex Life…or How I Got Into an Argument (1997),Alice and Martin (1998), A Man, a Real One (2003), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007).

Bardem’s Films: Jamon, Jamon (1992), Before Night Falls (2000), The Sea Inside (2004), No Country For Old Men (2007).

Bankolé’s Films: Night On Earth (1991), Casa De Lava (1995), Coffee and Cigarettes (2003), The Limits of Control (2009).

Descas’ Films: S’en Fout la Mort (1990), Die Abwesenheit (1992), Late August, Early September (1999), La Beuze (2003).


I’m pretty sure that all the french men appear in films together, which makes it even more amazing! Plus, when they’re on dvd, you can watch them over and over again, sipping your gin and tonic whilst in your silk dressing gown.


Obsessed With Black Men by deletegmailcom
September 12, 2008, 1:15 am
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I don’t know what it is about them, they’re just so mightily desirable. I think its probably the way they speak and their winning smiles..

11 of my favourite talented black men are (in alphabetical order):


1. Tunde Adebimpe

1. Tunde Adebimpe

Musician, Lead Singer from TV On The Radio.


2. Richard Ayoade

 Actor, plays ‘Moss’ in The IT Crowd, also in Darkplace.

2. Gary Beadle

3. Gary Beadle

 Actor, plays ‘Saffie’s’ husband in Absolutely Fabulous, also in East-Enders.

3. Andre Benjamin

4. Andre Benjamin

 Musician, aka Andre 3000 from Outkast.

4. Devonate Hynes

5. Devonate Hynes

 Musician, aka Lightspeed Champion.

5. The Mitchell Brothers (l. Tony, r. Teddy)

6 & 7. l. Tony Nianin, r. Teddy Hanson

 Musicians, aka The Mitchell Brothers.

6. Kele Okereke

8. Kele Okereke

Musician, lead singer from Bloc Party.

7. Sidney Poitier

9. Sidney Poitier

Actor, was in that ‘A Patch of Blue‘ movie that I was trying to get Chiara and Caitlin to buy the novelisation of from my bookshop.

8. Andrew Shim

10. Andrew Shim

 Actor, played ‘Milky’ in This Is England.

10. Katt Williams

11. Katt Williams



Which is your favourite from these? Is there anyone I missed?

By the way, is it OK to objectify black men? Am I being racist if i objectify a black man? Am I being racist calling them ‘black’ rather than ‘coloured’ or ‘Negro’ or ‘of African decendency’ or that word, that-if-you-say-it-around-a-black-person-you-should-most-definitely-get-shot?  Am I being racist not including a Caucasian, Asian or otherwise? Am I being sexist and racist not including a black woman? Am I paranoid? Like hell I am.

So, speaking of attractive men.. by cornrowsplease
September 8, 2008, 1:34 pm
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Paolo Nutini, need I say more?

Men that are perfect: Daniel Brühl, j0ames and Gael García Bernal by deletegmailcom
September 8, 2008, 11:21 am
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Everyone has probably noticed that I don’t mind calling other men attractive, so what?

Anyway, I just wanted to showcase three of my favourites:

First: Daniel Brühl; the amazing German/Spanish actor who has notably been in Goodbye Lenin!, The Edukators and Jeux Noel. Born “Daniel César Martín Brühl González Domingo” (no joke), he is so wonderful and sensitive and marvelous and good at acting and just down-right attractive.

Second on the list is j0ames, the very special, most-definitely-under-18-year-old, youtube vlogger.

He does after all, have a spine-tingling-ly Brittish accent. Here is his first vlog for your viewing pleasure, a short note though, it does go for nearly ten and a half minutes (every second worth it), so be sure to get yourself comfortable.

(for some reason this won’t embed itself on the page, so here is the link:

If you’re still not satisfied, there is the actor Gael García Bernal (Motorcycle Diaries, Science of Sleep, Babel) who speaks French, Italian, Spanish and some Portuguese not to mention is entirely charming. I mean, who wouldn’t go for someone in a cat or bear for that matter suit singing a cover of The Velvet Underground’s After Hours with different lyrics?

So there you are, what wonderful people those men are, I’m sure.