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James McAvoy (WARNING: May contain spoilers!) by makemeapizza
September 27, 2008, 3:18 pm
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James McAvoy is amazing. Such a fantastic actor, and he’s damn fine too.

Such an adorable creature, he is.

Beautiful eyes…

James McAvoy in 'Becoming Jane'.
James McAvoy in Becoming Jane.

I am yet to see a few of the films he is in.

Whenever I watch Becoming Jane I have to stop half way through, because the ending upsets me.

I do admire Jane Austen because of her independence, but at the same time I’m wishing, like her characters, she too had a happy ending with Tom Lefroy.

Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.
Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.

Such a beautiful film, but quite upsetting. I recommend you see it.

The way they made the film was quite clever, I think.

James McAvoy in Wanted.
James McAvoy in Wanted.

Okay, pretty sure all he does in this film is shoot guns (I haven’t yet seen the film, but I plan to). Well from all the movie stills, and the trailer I gather that’s all he actually does.

But come on, the gun just adds to his sex appeal, right? Well I think so anyway.

And! I’m pretty sure you get to see him shirtless, and he bulked up a little bit for the film. Which means, he’s got a little bit of muscle!

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

I have only seen little bits of this television show on youtube and what not.

But Louise said I could borrow the first two Series of it from her.

I’m hoping she’ll bring it over tomorrow night.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

Naw. Such an adorable couple… yet I can’t help feeling jealous.



Attractive, is he not? Mmm. Well, I hope I’ve convinced you all of how wonderful he is.
Love the hair in that photo.

I’d show you a picture of him playing Mr. Tumnus… But I’m guessing that’d put you right off him.

– Make Me A Pizza –


Obsessed With Black Men by deletegmailcom
September 12, 2008, 1:15 am
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I don’t know what it is about them, they’re just so mightily desirable. I think its probably the way they speak and their winning smiles..

11 of my favourite talented black men are (in alphabetical order):


1. Tunde Adebimpe

1. Tunde Adebimpe

Musician, Lead Singer from TV On The Radio.


2. Richard Ayoade

 Actor, plays ‘Moss’ in The IT Crowd, also in Darkplace.

2. Gary Beadle

3. Gary Beadle

 Actor, plays ‘Saffie’s’ husband in Absolutely Fabulous, also in East-Enders.

3. Andre Benjamin

4. Andre Benjamin

 Musician, aka Andre 3000 from Outkast.

4. Devonate Hynes

5. Devonate Hynes

 Musician, aka Lightspeed Champion.

5. The Mitchell Brothers (l. Tony, r. Teddy)

6 & 7. l. Tony Nianin, r. Teddy Hanson

 Musicians, aka The Mitchell Brothers.

6. Kele Okereke

8. Kele Okereke

Musician, lead singer from Bloc Party.

7. Sidney Poitier

9. Sidney Poitier

Actor, was in that ‘A Patch of Blue‘ movie that I was trying to get Chiara and Caitlin to buy the novelisation of from my bookshop.

8. Andrew Shim

10. Andrew Shim

 Actor, played ‘Milky’ in This Is England.

10. Katt Williams

11. Katt Williams



Which is your favourite from these? Is there anyone I missed?

By the way, is it OK to objectify black men? Am I being racist if i objectify a black man? Am I being racist calling them ‘black’ rather than ‘coloured’ or ‘Negro’ or ‘of African decendency’ or that word, that-if-you-say-it-around-a-black-person-you-should-most-definitely-get-shot?  Am I being racist not including a Caucasian, Asian or otherwise? Am I being sexist and racist not including a black woman? Am I paranoid? Like hell I am.

by cornrowsplease
September 11, 2008, 5:27 pm
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I think we might have gone off the topic of attractive men, but.. aww!

Is it just me or does he look a tad like Clyde?


What tea should I try? I am over chai, peppermint & dandelion. Sadly weed tea is not an option.

Is anyone actually going to draw a picture of a human partaking in oral sex with a bear or do I have to start the trend?

Men To Objectify: John Simm by Caitlin
September 9, 2008, 9:09 am
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The first thing I ever saw John Simm in was Life On Mars. Since then I’ve gone on to hunt down watch more of his stuff, like Human Traffic, State Of Play, and even his appearance on Doctor Who as The Master (which I later went out and brought on DVD. Just those two episodes. Fan-girling to the max). And he gets bonus points for playing Bernard Sumner in 24 Hour Party People!



So, why do I love him? Well, to tell the truth, I’m not really sure. There’s the fact that he’s a great actor, but I reckon the fact that he’s drop-dead-gorgeous has a lot to do with it. I’m shallow like that.



He’s in a band, y’know. He plays guitar and does backing vocals. The bastard is MULTI-TALENTED. Mmm. And he wears horiffic clothes, like that AC-DC t-shirt. If I ever got my hands on him when he was wearing it, I’d shoot him help him get it off.

Umm... SQUEE!?

Umm... SQUEE!?

He also has the most soothing voice ever. Fuck taking lemsip when we’re sick, we should just listen to John Simm reading childrens books…

Ok, one more picture and I’m done. I know I haven’t made a very convincing argument. But… fuck. THE PICTURES. Ok. Maybe three more pictures then.







Adorable men? by ohwowtotally
September 9, 2008, 8:04 am
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My favourite is Edgar Wright, who directs and co-writes things, such as Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. I first saw him on an interview on At The Movies, and instantly found him adorable; the hair, the teeth, the accent, the geek-iness…

ABC interview

ABC interview

I’m bad at choosing photos, so here are a few…



Edgar; the one in the middle.
Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost

Men To Objectify: Bear Grylls by Caitlin
September 5, 2008, 12:03 pm
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Everyone knows that I’m probably the Worlds Biggest Pervert*. I’ve skipped school to watch cute guys at the bus interchange. I’ve spent five hours awake on a plane, watching two gorgeous Welsh guys get progressively drunker, in the almost-hope that they would make out because I could. I am committed to my objectification of pretty men. And this has led me to this series of posts, called Men to Objectify.

Let’s start with Bear Grylls. Because his name seems appropriate to the title of the site.

Bear Grylls. Looking dirrrtty.

Bear Grylls. Looking dirrrtty.

Bear (hee-hee-hee) is the presenter of a show called Man Vs. Wild. In the show, he goes around and puts himself in the most inhospitable places ever, and shows you how to survive. Sounds like a good show, right?

NO. It’s an AMAZING show. Really. He seems to eat everything he can find (in the episode I was watching tonight, he went through a scorpion, a lizard, a spider, lots of other stuff I can’t remember too), takes his shirt off a lot, and speaks like he should be a reporter for the BBC. I can see it now…

This is Bear Grylls, reporting from Kandahar, Afghanistan...

This is Bear Grylls, reporting from Kandahar, Afghanistan...

But that’s not the only reason to objectify him. Apart from hosting the lamest doucheiest best show in the world, he does work for charities, used to be in the SAS, and has climbed Everest. If this is a man not worthy of being objectified, then frankly I don’t know who is.

Part of me wants Bear Grylls to become my generations Chuck Norris. Y’know: Bear Grylls doesn’t sleep. He waits. Oh, wait. Chuck Norris is the Chuck Norris of our generation? Fuck. Oh well. Another picture?

Mmm. I wouldnt mind - no. Im not even going NEAR that joke...

Mmm. I wouldn't mind - no. I'm not even going NEAR that joke...

Oh, and of course, here’s the obligatory Shirtless Bear Grylls picture.

Mmmmmm... Bear Grylls... Shirtless...

Mmmmmm... Bear Grylls... Shirtless...

*No, seriously, if there was an award for it, I would win. Hands down. The above post is reason enough.