Sucking Off A Grizzly

Hook, Punch-Line & Sinker. by deletegmailcom
September 9, 2008, 1:33 pm
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Close your eyes …Oh wait damn! Read the instructions first and then close your eyes and repeat them. I want you to imagine that you are adrift in a warm ocean of collective thoughts (S.O.A.G.)… …Within this ocean there are beautiful boats… …Sirens singing appreciative notes praising the male figure… …Then, all of a sudden this idiot whaling ship (me) goes through the middle and pollutes the delicate atmosphere with terribly immature jokes – carefully phrased to sound intelligent – and, dragging its net behind it, swallows up any remaining decency in big gulps.

Worst, Worst Album Covers by deletegmailcom
September 9, 2008, 12:24 pm
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Oh my! That is bad. When I thought Mrs. Mills’ Let’s Have Another Party was bad…

Nothing could have prepared me for this one, not even a light-hearted discussion over the giving and/or receiving of human to bear  fellatio could have made me ready to witness a naked man holding a pig in the mud. I mean, as if it wasn’t enough to take in, I am now led to believe that this, obscenity, represents and provides preface to, MUSIC of all blessed things …Wait, there’s more!:

Four, elderly men requesting to “touch Him” (a bit far don’t you think?);

Oh wait, never mind that comment on the ‘crossing of the line’, this proves that there is no line to cross, or at least, the album is so far over it that it knowest not where the line was initially and manages to transcend all lines ever created and offend everyone. “NEXT!”;

*distainfully* “Herbie Mann, are you trying to be, um …Sexy?”

My, oh my! Maybe if you weren’t, y’know, holding a SHOTGUN-like-flute and covered in hair thats quantity is only attractive to a BEAR, you’d be getting there. Also, refrain from instructing the person you are wooing to “Push, Push” and maybe keep your face well lit so as to avoid confusion with a SERIAL KILLER.

The Nuge by deletegmailcom
September 8, 2008, 10:09 am
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Well-known racist and homophobe Ted Nugent, apparently also hates synthesizers now.