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James McAvoy (WARNING: May contain spoilers!) by makemeapizza
September 27, 2008, 3:18 pm
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James McAvoy is amazing. Such a fantastic actor, and he’s damn fine too.

Such an adorable creature, he is.

Beautiful eyes…

James McAvoy in 'Becoming Jane'.
James McAvoy in Becoming Jane.

I am yet to see a few of the films he is in.

Whenever I watch Becoming Jane I have to stop half way through, because the ending upsets me.

I do admire Jane Austen because of her independence, but at the same time I’m wishing, like her characters, she too had a happy ending with Tom Lefroy.

Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.
Playing Robbie Turner in Atonement.

Such a beautiful film, but quite upsetting. I recommend you see it.

The way they made the film was quite clever, I think.

James McAvoy in Wanted.
James McAvoy in Wanted.

Okay, pretty sure all he does in this film is shoot guns (I haven’t yet seen the film, but I plan to). Well from all the movie stills, and the trailer I gather that’s all he actually does.

But come on, the gun just adds to his sex appeal, right? Well I think so anyway.

And! I’m pretty sure you get to see him shirtless, and he bulked up a little bit for the film. Which means, he’s got a little bit of muscle!

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

Episode 4, Series 2 of Shameless.

I have only seen little bits of this television show on youtube and what not.

But Louise said I could borrow the first two Series of it from her.

I’m hoping she’ll bring it over tomorrow night.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

James McAvoy with his wife Anne-Marie Duff, on the red carpet.

Naw. Such an adorable couple… yet I can’t help feeling jealous.



Attractive, is he not? Mmm. Well, I hope I’ve convinced you all of how wonderful he is.
Love the hair in that photo.

I’d show you a picture of him playing Mr. Tumnus… But I’m guessing that’d put you right off him.

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